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The Server is a large drive that all the computers in the lab can share. In order to access your project from any computer in the lab, it's necessary to move your project to the server at the end of every session. This also provides an emergency backup if your project is lost.

1. Close Avid by going to Avid Media Composer> Quit Avid Media Composer.

2. Double Click on the "Avid Projects" alias on the desktop.

3. Open up the servers and open the "Class_folders" server.

4. Drag your project folder, in this case, "Tomato [My Project]" to your class folder in this case," RTF346 Lewis".

  • You are backed up now. There is a copy of your project file on the hard drive of the computer your working on and on the server which is shared by all the computers.

It is important to always work from the most recent copy of your project, so when you go to work again make sure you understand Restoring your Project from Services.

5. You should also right click on your project folder, select Compress “Tomato [My Project]”.

6. Email this compressed file to yourself, so that you will have an additional copy in your email.