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By Susanne Kraft

How to recover offline media that is on the ISIS server:

Note to find the Names of the Macs see the UTID inventory tag.

First, find out what computer was the media captured on. In order to rebuild the databases on the ISIS server you must be logged on to the same station that captured the media to the LanShare.

(For Example: If “Student A” captured on COMM780402, and that media is offline. In order to rebuild the databases for that media you must be logged on to that computer COMM780402 and rebuild the databases for the folder on the ISIS server labeled COMM780402

How to delete the media databases on the  ISIS server

Keeping with our example: The media was captured on COMM780402. Log on to that computer and mount the ISIS server drive that has the media

Open the ISIS server drive and open the folder Avid MediaFiles

Inside this folder there are more folders labeled for all the computers that access the ISIS server

Go to the folder that is labeled the name of the computer that the media was captured and open it. (For our example that would be COMM780402).

Inside the folder there are 2 files called msmFMID and msmMMOB select these 2 files and delete them. Make sure to empty the recycle bin after deleting so they are really deleted. Then launch AVID and the databases will be rebuilt and the media should be online. If media doesn’t reconnect then delete the databases for the local storage.