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Written by Susanne Kraft,

To digitize dat audio digitally into AVID 3. 
Patching in MR on the Analog audio patch panel patch "DAT 1 or DAT 2 ch 1&2" out to AVID 3 ch 1&2 in
On DAT 1 deck make sure deck is reference to house black 29.97. Press the "External Sync" button on front on deck and it should read "1-29"
On DAT 2 deck switch should be set to EXT sync Launch AVID and open up the AVID project.
Select the bin to capture audio to and open the capture tool >Tools > Capture and change the following items: Click the deck control to non-controllable Select tracks A1 and A2
Enter a tape name Change the "Audio Input" to RCA(- 10DBU)

Play the tape in the DAT deck and check audio levels in AVID using the "audio tool" (>Tools > Audio Tool) The audio comes into the AVID digitally so there are no adjustments to input levels.
Start digitizing by clicking the Red record button. To stop recording click the Red record button.