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  1. First open sequence in timeline and select the video and audio tracks to export. Mark an in point at the beginning of the portion of the timeline to export and an out point at the end of the portion of the timeline to export. If the whole timeline is to be exported mark an in point at the beginning and an out at the end.
  2. Example of how timeline should look before exporting.

  1. Next go to >File>Output>Export to File>

Click on Options

    1. Choose Export As QuickTime Movie, Use Marks, Use Enabled Tracks if you only want to export a certain part of the timeline. Leave them unchecked to export the whole timeline

    2. Uncheck Same as Source by clicking on the Custom button

    3. Click on Video and Audio (Recommended) or

    4. Video Format 1920 x 1080 Width and Height

    5. Color Levels Keep as Legal Range

    6. Display Aspect Ratio leave on Native Dimensions

    7. Click on Format Options

Click on Video Settings

Select the H.264 Compression

Choose H.264 Compression Type
Frame Rate Current
Key Frame 24
Compressor High
Encoding set to Best quality

Click OK

Click on Sound Settings

Set to Linear PCM
24 BIt

These are the final settings for the quicktime Movie Settings

Video and Audio checkboxes should be checked.

Make sure Prepare for Internet Streaming is unchecked

Click OK

This is how the AVID export window should be set

Video Format as shown here for a smaller compressed QT. Change to 1920 x 1080 for a less compressed QT.

Display Aspect Ratio leave on Native Dimensions

Click on Save and will be promted to select a place to save the quicktime

Then click Save and the export will start.