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To export an AVID sequence to quicktime reference to make a DVD.
Open the sequence in the timeline and make sure that you have no "filler" in the timeline.
If you do put a black title or some black footage in place of the avid "filler"
Select all the tracks and mark an in at the beginning of the seq and an out at the end
Select the sequence in the binclick >File > Send To > DVD > Quicktime Reference

 Then check the following:
1. Save to your drive and name your file

 2. Make sure the Export Setting 1 is set to Quicktime Reference

 3. Click "Options" and make sure that the Export Settings match the summery here

 4. Then click OK and AVID will export a quicktime file with a "Windows media" audio file that is to be ignored. Only use the Quicktime when authoring the DVD.