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Revised 10/25/06

Susanne Kraft

Configuring the Sony hdv deck to downconvert to SD from HDV and record in 30I AVID project

1. Restart the computer. Always a good idea.

2. Disconnect the 4pin Firewire cable from the back of the HDV deck

3. Note how to navigate through the HDV menus

6. Connect the FireWire Cable in the back of the HDV deck.

7. Mount the LanShare

8. Change the destination of where the project will be saved to the LanShare Click

on the Folder Icon

Then select theLanshare drive and click OK

9. Make the Format of the project 30i NTSC name the project and click OK

10. If you are using a system with a AVID DNA Break Out Box like MOJO or Adrenaline the DNA needs to be turned off so that it reads 1394 If you are using a system w/o a DNA it should already read 1394 so don’t need to change this setting

11. Select a new bin and open the capture tool >Tools > Capture

12. If this still doesn’t recognize a deck then CLOSE the Capture Tool and go back to the ProJect Bin and double click on Deck Configuration
13. Next click on Add Channel Channel Type Will be Firewire And the Port will be OHCI then click OK
14. Click Yes to autoconfigure the channel

15. Should look like this now.