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Power on and load the SDHC card into the card slot

On the LCD click on "Setup"

Click on Media Select

Choose the Memory Card (the SDHC card) as the media to use to record and playback on the SDHC card. Choose Int. Memory if you want to use the hard drive in the camera.

If you change the camera may take a second to adjust so click OK

Go to >Menu>Setup>

Choose to format the Memory Card or Int. Memory or you can format both one after the other.

Choose to format "OK"

Put the camera in 3D mode

Go to >Menu>

Set to 24p for a film look

Record using the Start/Stop button

When finished power off the camera and eject the SDHC card

Or if you want to get the footage off the camera if you saved internally connect the Grey "Mini USB" to the computer

Connect the other end to your laptop or CPU

Camera will display USB Connect

Click on USB connect

The camera will connect and mount on to your laptop

Will show up as a Storage device called "No Name"

You can then copy off the AVCHD media to your computer or hard drive for editing

To unmounts press the "X" USB Connect

Choose Yes to disconnect

To Edit the Files use the following wikidoc - Click here:

AVID - Stereoscopic 3D Workflow for AVCHD recordings