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***All RTF students have access to a library with hundreds of audio loops and sound effects!***

To access this library:

  1. Click on the Shares globe on your toolbar
  2. Click on the 'class_folders' folder
  3. Navigate to Stock> audio

  1. In AVID project Go to the "Settings" tab and then click on "Audio Project"

  1. Go to the Main tab and choose the Sample Rate as 48kHz

    Audio File Format PCM

    Bit Depth 24 Bit

  1. In AVID project select and open a BIN to import audio into. Name the bin "Imported Audio" or similar

  1. Go to >File>Input>Import Media and navigate to the folder that contains the audio files that are to be imported.

  1. Click on Options

  1. Then click on "Options" again

  1. Click on the Audio tab. Choose to convert Sample rate to Project sample rate.
  2. Choose to not convert sources with pull-up and down rates
  3. Choose to Autodetect Broadcast Wave Monophonic Groups
  4. Check Subframe Alignment to Broadcast Wave Start Time. (this helps with keeping sync when exporting to ProTools)
  5. Click OK

  1. Select all the files to be imported
  2. Select the Destination drive
  3. Select Open to begin importing

Or files like this

  1. Audio Start Time – Choose the timecode that matches your project TC. Most Likely 23.98
  2. Click "OK to All"

  1. The audio files will appear as audio master clips in your bin.