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If you mixer gave you 1 audio file and not 6 separate channels containing your surround sound mix then use this wiki

AVID - How to Make a 1920 x 1080 5.1 Surround Sound QuickTime Using Your Surround Sound Mix

This works using version 8.9.1

Make a New Bin to import your surround sound mix files

Title the bin how you wish
Go to >File>Input>Import Media

Navigate to your files you would like to import

Click on Options

Click on Options again

Click on the Audio Tab and then click on "Edit"

We need to change the Multichannel Audio to

5.1: Pro Tools: L C R Ls Rs Lfe

(this doesn't make sense because the rest of the document uses SMPTE, but trust us...this is how you want to do least in this version of Avid)

Click OK here

Uncheck all the boxes here

EXCEPT Autodetect Broadcast Wave Monographic Groups

Navigate to your audio files
Make sure that they are labeled
with a .C .L .LFE.wav
Underscore won’t work

The file with A1-6 Tracks will be created

When you load it into the source window the file will have a 5.1

icon on it shown here

Create a new sequence and edit the 5.1 audio into the new timeline and then delete the other audio tracks that are automatically generated in the timeline

delete the other audio tracks that are automatically generated in the timeline

Edit the Video Track on to the existing timeline that contains the 5.1 audio.

Check the Sync of the entire movie before exporting

Next go to >Tools Audio Mixer

Change these audio mixer settings for the timeline

Make sure the timeline is set to 5.1 Sequence

Go to Audio Settings

Set the Display Channel order to SMPTE

1. Open the SETTINGS TAB, and create a new Export setting by duplicating an existing one and renaming it "Audio 5.1 in QT" for example.

Don't know how to duplicate an export setting? Simply highlight any other export setting and press Command + D.

Don't know how to rename an export setting? Simply click on it's name and type.

2. Open your custom export setting (hopefully called "Audio 5.1 in QT" by now) by double clicking on the word Export next to your custom setting name.

3. Configure it as shown:

Video Format


Size to Fit

Scale from Legal to Full Range

Audio Format


Movie Settings


Compression Type: Avid DNxHD Codec

Color Levels: RGB Levels

Resolutions: 1080p/23.976 DNxHD 115 8-bit


Format: Linear PCM

Channels 5.1 (L R C LFE Ls Rs)

Rate: 48.000

Quality: Best

Sample size: 24

Little Endian

4. Click OK to close all the windows.

5. Now in the bin, select the sequence, right-dick and choose OUTPUT> EXPORT TO FILE .

6. Choose the Export setting you just created and a destination (the desktop for example).

7. Perform the export.

You have now created a surround movie as a Quick Time format. If you play it, you will see (or perhaps hear) surround, but how do you know it is a surround movie? Well the answer is to re-import it.


Link to the file you just exported.

Right click on that linked file in the bin and choose Modify > Modify Clip...
Choose Set Multichannel Audio from the drop down
Choose 5.1 SMPTE: L R C Lfe Ls Rs
Click OK and edit back into a duplicate timeline to check.