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AVID Arranges Media Differently on Shared Storage Servers

Media is stored in folders named for the computer you are

working on or have worked on.

To copy mediafiles on or off the server and have AVID recognize

the files you need to know the "Name" of the computer your are working on.

Go to Apple>System Preferences

This is the computer name

Look at the files on the ISIS server notice there is a name that matches

It's in the folder on the shared storage server in the following folders

AVID MediaFiles>MXF>COMM891284-CMB4112F.1


Inside this folder is where you can add media to use on the computer that

matches the name or locate media that you want to copy to another drive.

For instance if you just created .mxf files in Resolve using the Resolve AVID

Roundtrip function then you need to add the .mxf files into the correct folder

on the ISIS server so they can be read by the AVID Project.

Then delete the media databases from that folder and launch AVID

AVID will rebuild these two little files and include all the new data

that was just added to the folder.