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How to import an exported .omf from ProTools into AVID

• Select all the tracks in the ProTools session to export.
• Choose File>Export>Selected Tracks as New AAF/OMF
• Choose Export as: OMF
• Enforce Avid compatibility
• Choose BWF (.WAV) Bit depth 16 or 24 depending on session

• Name the session sequence
• Make a new folder on the storage drive to hold the files and name it

• Choose a folder to save the converted files. Make a new folder and name
it converted files and then choose it as the destination for the converted
files that are contained in the .omf

• After the export there will be 2 things that will be needed to import into

Shown here the export created the .omf file plus a folder of files that we
named convertedfiles containing .wav files. These items will be the two
things that will be needed for the import into the AVID system.
• To import into AVID transport this files to the AVID station. Launch the
AVID project and make a new bin to import the files.
• Go to File > Import > choose .omf . Navigate to the .omf file and choose
it for import. AVID will make an OMF2 SMOB Composition. Page 4 3/20/08
How to import an exported .omf from ProTools into AVID
• Next take all the .wav files saved in the converted files folder

and select them all and copy them into the storage drives OMFI MediaFiles
• The AVID databases will be updated by AVID because new files were


by Susanne Kraft