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Try theses workflows to get your trial license going or your paid subscription working

Many times, the solution to this kind of a problem is to do what we call a "licensing cleanout". It's a process for when users expoerience an issue where they cannot get themselves unlocked from the trial version.

I'll list the steps below -- for Windows and for Mac. It may look like a lot of steps, but it's really quite easy to do.

Media Composer License File Locations

Note:  If you can’t find a specific folder on Windows, go to Folder Options in the Tools menu and select “Show Hidden Folders.”



1. Stop the following Processes in Task Manager:

• AvidLink.exe
• AvidAppManHelper.exe
• AvidBackgroundservices

2. Unhide hidden files and folders on your Windows computer.

• (Windows 7 / 8) Go to Control Panel > Folder Options
(Windows 10) Open Folder Options > open "This PC", click View and select Options.
• Click on the View tab.
• In the Folder Options window, choose View, select "Show hidden files, folders and drives", and then click OK.
(Or you can type %programdata% on any folder's address bar and hit Enter.)

3. Delete the following folders:

• C:\ProgramData\Avid\AvidLink\Cache
• C:\ProgramData\Avid\AvidLink\Db
• C:\ProgramData\Avid\Licenses
• C:\ProgramData\Avid\SWL
4. Once done deleting the two folders kindly run the "AvidAppManHelper" found on this location: C:\Program Files\Avid\Application Manager\ AvidAppManHelper.exe
5. Then proceed on running "AvidLink" from this location C:\Program Files\Avid\Avid Link\ AvidLink.exe
6. Launch Media Composer and proceed to activate.


1. On your Mac, kindly Open the "Activity Monitor"
2. Stop the following

• AvidLink
• AvidAppManHelper

3. Delete the following folders:

• HD/Library/Caches/Avid/AvidLink/Cache
• HD/Library/Caches/Avid/Avid Link/Db
• HD/Library/Application Support/Avid/Licenses
• HD/Library/Application Support/Avid/SWL
4. Once done deleting the two folders kindly run t*e "AvidAppManHelper" found on this location: Applications/Avid/Avid Link/
5. Then proceed on running "Avid Link" from this location Applications/Avid/Avid Link/
6. Then Proceed with running Media Composer.