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By Susanne Kraft  Rev. 10/17/06 By Kendra Dorty

How to output to tape from AVID Xpress to DV

Close all applications, quit AVID and connect the DV deck before outputting to tape

1. When ready to output to tape name the final sequence something that you will be able to identify.
2. Load that sequence into the timeline and make sure that the “Video Quality Menu” is completely
green not yellow or green and yellow. To change just click on it until it is all green.

3. Go to >Clip>Digital Cut
4. May need to “Autoconfigure” the deck to get AVID to recognize it.

Digital Cut tool should look like this:
•Make sure “Entire Sequence and Stop on Drop Frames” are checked
•“Deck Control” is in “Remote” Choose “Ignore Time” and
  “Crash Record" is the only choice we have when outputting to DV from AVID.
•Make sure the correct tracks are selected for the output

5. Put record tape (make sure you are using a new tape) in deck
   and click on the RED record button in the AVID Digital Cut Tool
6. Click OK once tape is mounted. 

7. The deck will go into record mode automatically and
the sequence will play in the record window of AVID.
You should hear audio if the project has audio.
9. To check the finished output on the tape. Close the digital cut tool and open the Capture tool and rewind the tape to make sure that the video recorded properly. Watch the entire output to ensure proper recording.