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How to create your own AVID project from a generic tutorial AVID project file.

Written by Susanne Kraft,

This will explain how to alter the generic AVID project class project file to create your own personal AVID project linking to the class project media. You need to do this so that the class AVID project file stays generic without you altering it. Once you create your own project file save that after every edit session to THE AVID LANSHARE or a USB flash drive or CD or back up to the college class server.

1. FOR EXAMPLE: To alter the existing generic SATURN class project. Go to the AVID SATURN project and duplicate the folder by right clicking the folder and go to copy. Then go to the lanshare or another storage drive and right click to paste the folder to that drive.
2. Rt. Click the name of the folder and click Rename. Name it whateveryouwant.

3. Open the folder that was just renamed and change the names of the AVID project file and the bins, as well as the settings file. Make sure to keep the extensions (.avb and .avs and .avp) Should look like this.
4. Then launch AVID from the project file with the .avp extension.