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AVID Sonic DVD Workflow for Blu-Ray and Standard DVDs

1. First make a Quicktime Movie of the final Timeline in AVID.

2. In AVID select the in and out points in the timeline of the section of the timeline

3. Go to >File > Export and set the following “Export Settings”

• Same as Source

Video and Audio

• RGB and Native Dimensions

• Choose where to save the QuickTime click OK and exporting will begin.

• Once export is completed close AVID

4. Open AVID DVD and an untitled project opens. Make a New Project

5. Choose then Name, NTSC, Widescreen and Location to save the project file. Click OK

6. Select the type of DVD to burn. If needing a Standard DVD choose DVD-5. For BluRay select BD-25 or 50 depending on the size of the disk.
7. Click on the Media tab in the “Palette” and right click in the gray area and select Import Media

8. Select only the “AVID Ref or AVID Self Contained” .mov files to import those have audio attached to them. Don’t need to import the .aif files that were created when the Reference files were made out of AVID.

9. Drag the movie from the image Pallette to the Title Box. To create more timelines

10. Click on the Palette>Images Tab and import the menu

11. by right clicking in the gray area and selecting import media

12. NOTE: file must be a .BMP, a .TIFF or a JPEG

13. Then drag the Menu over to the Menu icon to create a Menu

14. To create a Button for the selection. Click on the Highlight Tool

15. Next click on the selection tool
16. To select the box drawn around the “Button” item to make a DVD link to a timeline

17. Then using the Button Attributes window assign the link and Button Display

18. Click on the Link To: drop down and choose the appropriate Movie as the link.

19. Next change the Button Display by selecting Button Display and changing it to Outline Highlight Rectangle.
20. Can also change the highlight color of the button by going to >DVD Menus>Edit Subpicture Colors
21. To change the End Action of the Button so that it plays the next movie in the order when the next chapter is selected on the DVD player instead of going back to the Main Menu turn off “End Action” “Return to Menu”

22. Set Menu as First Play by right clicking and selecting Set as First Play

23. Next set the Movie Timeline Attributes.

24. Select the Movie in the “Titles” listin.

25. Click on the “General” tab and leave it to default as shown.

26. Then click on the “Movie” tab of the Movie Attributes menu

27. Make sure the Display Aspect Ratio is set properly as 16:9 for BluRay and 4:3 for standard def. Also change the End Action to Play the correct Movie or use the default “Play Next Title in List”

28. Add a chapter marker at the end of each timeline so the user has the option to skip to the next movie
29. When finished creating then use the Simulate From First Play to check the DVD.

30. Edit the Project Settings to change Bitrate Settings for the SD or HD DVD Transcoding. Go to >File>Project Settings

31. To make the DVD SAVE the Project then go to >Burn>BURN DISC

32. Choose the type of BluRay or select DVD if making a SD DVD then

33. Insert a disk.

34. Then select OK to start the burn.