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Launch Media Composer

The Initial Project Screen will open. Here is where you choose where you create and save new projects. Click on the "Folder" to select where to save your new projects also how to navigate to already existing projects.

Navigate to the hard drive and folder that you want AVID to access and save new projects

You can look at the path where AVID will be accessing projects once you select the folder

Now click on the "New Project" button

The New Project Dialog will come up. Select the project parameters

  • Choose the Project Name
  • The Format (Usually will be 1080p 23.98 for school projects)
  • Raster Dimensions 1920 x 1080
  • Color Space YCbCr
  • Stereoscopic Off
    Click OK to create the project

Select the newly created project and Click OK at the Select Project Screen

When the project opens the next step will be to link to the XDCAM – EX raw files that were backed up in their native file structure.
Open the Source Browser

Go to >Tools>Source Browser

In the Source Browser window go to the "Explore" tab and navigate to your storage drive the

Card Backup is located. Click on it to open the folder and then select the folder that contains the files. You want to select the BPAV folder in your SXS card folder.

When you select the folder that contains video media the "Link" button in the lower right hand corner will become selectable.


Also make sure that "Link" is selected in the Lower Left corner. Don't select "Import."


You can choose to create a "New Bin" or select an already open bin in your project. It's fine to create a New Bin.


Then select the "Link" button in the lower right hand corner to link the selected files.

Continue this process until you have all the cards that you shot content on to loaded into AVID

Navigate to the XDCAM – EX – BPAV folder containing your media. If you have a few card folders backed up navigate to the larger folder containing all your XDCAM – EX data and select that.

The files will load into the folder and have the "Linked" media Icon not the "Master Clip" icon


Note – If you are not using a Moody College Lab Computer then you might get this problem.

If you do then you need to install the AMA Plug Ins for AVID so that AVID can read the raw media files from the camera. To find where to download the plug ins go to >Marketplace>AMA Plug-Ins

The AVID web site will open and you can then search for the XDCAM – EX AMA Plug-Ins downloads

Once you have installed the plug ins – Restart Computer just for safety and then open you AVID project again and retry the Link to AMA Volume

Back in AVID go to >Bin>Choose Columns

Choose the two settings >Video and Video File Format

Here is where you will see what the video format and frame rate is.

Example here is the XDCAM EX 1080p 23.98 video

This is the comparison of the normal Master Clip and an AMA linked file

Next we need to change the AMA linked files to normal AVID Master Clips. All we are doing is rewrapping a XDCAM – EX .mp4 to an AVID XDCAM EX .mxf file.
To do this, select all the AMA files in the linked file bin shown above.

Then Choose >Clip>Consolidate/Transcode

This Next Dialog box choose to Relink Master clips to media on target drive.
Click OK

The consolidation process will rewrap the files and place them in the AVID MediaFiles folder on your destination hard drive that you choose.

The clips will consolidate to the AVID MediaFiles folders and will create a "Master Clip"

Use the newly made Master Clips without the "chain link"

Don't use the ".old" file

Move these files to a new bin and close the bin with the "Linked" clips.

Now you are ready to edit.