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Helpful tips for working with audio waveforms.  This will make working with audio in AVID more comparable to Final Cut Pro.

Click on this arrow to display the 
Track Control Panel

Click on the Waveform Icon to turn
on and off the Audio Waveforms

Notice if your Audio Waveforms are
Grey and not Black then your audio files
are not the same sample rate as the AVID project
and need to be converted

To convert the sample rate of the audio, select the
clip or Sequence in the bin or all the clips in the bin

Then select > Clip > Change Sample Rate

Choose to convert the audio to 48kHz with High
quality and Delete Original Media

Save to your hard drive or tempstorage drive

Click OK

The audio will now display black waveforms in the 
timeline when the sample rate matches the AVID
project sample rate.

Next step is to enlarge the audio tracks so we can 
see the waveforms better.

Disable the Video track leaving the audio tracks 

Click "Command L" to enlarge and Command K" to
make track smaller

(these are mac keyboard shortcuts)

Shown here is the audio tracks enlarged so the
waveforms are more clearly visible

The next step is to zoom into the timeline so
we can see exactly where to make the edit

To do this use the keyboard commands for mac.
"Command Open Bracket to zoom in and 
Command Close Bracket to zoom out"

This is an example of a timeline zoomed in.

The next step to further enlarge the waveform 
without enlarging the track is using the mac 
keyboard commands

"Command + alt/option +L to enlarge and Command
alt/option + K to shrink the waveforms"

The Toggle Source/Record button will allow
you to view source material this same way.  This 
helps you to view the source audio in the same way.
This is similar to the Final Cut Pro Waveforms that
you would see in the audio tab of the source window.

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