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Step by step guide to making a Title in Avid


Housekeeping & Starting Title Tool

  • Create a new bin labeled Titles.
  • Click TOOLS> TITLE TOOL. The Title Tool opens.
    A pop up window shows up , click on TITLE TOOL

  • With the “T” text tool, Click on the screen and type the information you want on your slate.
  • Highlight the text and select the font size.
  • Using the arrow tool, adjust the placement and size of your slate. Make sure it is within the TV safe square.
    To turn on/off the Video Background, click the V button at the bottom of the Title Tool window.

Save Your Title

  • To save your title, go to FILE > SAVE TITLE AS.
  • Save it in your TITLE bin.
  • Set the drive to LANSHARE, or Shared Scratch or your Firewire Drive.

The title appears in your bin. You may now edit the title into your sequence like a clip. Make sure to render your title before outputting.