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Check that the WHITE Thunderbolt cable is plugged into the IMac

Make sure the other end of the WHITE - Thunderbolt cable is plugged into the AJA TTap box.

Log into the computer 

Select the application that you want to run AVID or Davinci Resolve or Premiere

For Premiere - Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Playback..."

Choose AJA Kona


Click OK

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Audio Hardware..."

Choose AJA Kona

If you get this error click Yes
Click OK 

Don't forget to pan

channel 1 LEFT


channel 2 RIGHT

and don't use any other tracks



To hear audio on the Television / Monitor

Turn on the TV with the Remote power button

Use the remote to turn up the Volume on the TV that is where the audio is routed.

HDMI out to the TV speakers along with Video