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The following are instructions for you to submit on-line Absence/Failing Reports on your students.

If you are submitting an Absence/Failing report on a student with the intent of them dropping your class, the deadline for them to drop is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26. However, you may submit an absence/ failing report for a student as soon as a problem arises. If you desire, may also request the involvement of the undergraduate adviser.

Any time prior to September 28, a student may drop a class without the involvement of their instructor. However, between September 28 and October 26, students must have the instructor of their course complete a form that indicates whether, at the time the student is dropping the class, they are passing the course or not. If they are not, this failing status will be indicated on their academic record, even if they drop the class.

Additional details about academic penalties for dropped courses.

On-line Absence/Failing Reports System

Use: By faculty, and/or their designated proxies*, to report undergraduate student problems due to poor academic performance and/or attendance.

Absence/Failing reports may be submitted at any time during a semester; if they are received AFTER the Q/F drop or withdrawal deadline, students do not have the option to drop or withdraw except for DOCUMENTED non-academic reasons.

On the Web, go to and bookmark:

NOTE: this is an updated URL from last semester

Logon to the ACS (Academic Computing Services) secure web services.

If you do not remember your password, call your ACS departmental contact.

For any other problems logging on to ACS secure services, call the Information Center at 471-8800.

NOTE: once you have logged in, there is a HELP button on the left of your screen

From the list of all current classes for which you are the instructor of record, CLICK on the unique number to go to a specific roster.

For extremely large classes, on high Intranet traffic days, this may take a few minutes to load, so please be patient.

CLICK on "Report" for any student on your roster for which you are submitting an absence/failing report.

Up to three problem descriptions for each student may be assigned by using the drop down menus beside the student's name.

You may also type a brief message to the student in the "Comments" area.

After all designated students have been marked, at the bottom of the page CLICK the box labeled "Process selected records".

You will only have one hour from the time you first log on until you must submit records for processing. If you go beyond the hour, all records you have entered will be lost. It is recommended that if you have large classes, you may want to break them down in some order--alpha or other--to process. This sends the notices to the students' Dean's Office for processing. You will see a page listing the students you selected.

The Dean's Office will notify the students, or, in the case of students from other colleges, their respective dean's offices will make the notification.


You can authorize your T.A. to use this system for your classes. The security is the same as that used for downloading your class rosters via the web. If you have already authorized your T.A. to download your rosters, he/she may also file Absence/Failure reports for you.

If you have not completed the authorization, go to:

Scroll down to the area labelled "Specify Proxies" (at the bottom.)

Give the preferred UT EID of the person to authorize, and specify one course unique number for which you are the instructor of record for the semester of interest.

Click the "Specify Proxies" button.

System problems should be reported to:

Michele Keeler