Our Covid - 19 temp licenses are going to expire on July 6 so if you need another week to finish

Get a 7 Day Trial this wiki will show you how.

1st sign out of your adobe account go to the creative cloud link this is a Mac example

Windows computers open the creative cloud app

Example shown here

Go to the Adobe Profile icon and sign out of the creative cloud account

Next we need to make the 7 day trial account
Click on this link to get to the trial sign up


Click on Start your free trial

Then click on Start Free Trial again

Here you need to put in an email that has not been used on Adobe.com

You will also have to provide a password.

Then continue to sign into your new adobe account to
Continue to get your free 7 day trial

You will see the confirmation that you can enjoy your 7 day free trial

You can skip the tour

To confirm you have activated the trail

You will see the "Start trial" on Premiere Pro

When Premiere Opens you will see the number of days left on your trial in the upper right corner of the application