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Launch Media Encoder

Import the file to compress to DVD
Go to >File>Add "Source file"

Click on (Yellow Settings) Match Source Preset to open the Export Settings Window

Click on Format:

Choose MPEG2-DVD

Choose to Export Video and Export Audio

Choose the Output Name

Click on the Video Tab

Set Quality to 4 or 5

If you have time -
Check "Render at Maximum Depth and

Turn on Use Maximum Render Quality to increase quality of the output

Leave Frame Blending OFF

Notice that the Estimated File size is displayed here

"Optional" Choose Scale to Fill to get rid of the "marginal" black lines around your image

Can also choose the inpoint and outpoint of the file to compress when >Source Range > Custom is selected

Click OK to apply

Choose Output File and navigate to where to save the .m2v file

Choose the destination for the saved file and click "Save"

Click the small Green Triangle button in the top right corner of the "Queue" window to start encoding.

Open Encore and create a new project

Name the project and put it in the desired location on your hard drive


Leave the default transcode settings as is

Click OK

Import the m2v and the corresponding ac3 file into the project as a Timeline
File > Import As>Timeline

Select the corresponding m2v and .wav files

Only choose one .m2v and one .wav if you attempt to import more than one timeline at a time an error will occur

To make a menu with a background still from the clip on the DVD load the timeline that you want to take a frame grab of and place the timeline indicator on the frame that you want to use.

Go to >Timeline>Save Frame as File

Choose a place to save the file.

Then go to >File>Import As>Menu and navigate to the file you just saved.

In Encore>Change the workspace to Menu Design. Go to >Window
>Menu Design

Click on the Text Tool.

Type on the menu the titles of the DVD buttons you want to create.

Type on the menu the titles of the DVD buttons you want to create.

When finished select them all. Rt. Click and choose to Convert to Button.

Buttons will get a green outline when they are converted to buttons.

To Change the menu color go to >Menu>Edit Menu Color Set

Choose the Color Set to Menu Default

Click OK

You can change the color of the selected and activated highlight colors

Now you can choose – Which Highlight Group you want to use that you have adjusted in the previous step.

Check "Create Text Subpictu re"

One option available is to select to Distribute the buttons.

Go to >Object>Distribute>
Relative to Safe Area

Another option available is to Align the buttons

Go to >Object>Align>
Center-Left or Right

To set the buttons select the button.

Click on Link>

Then choose the asset to link to and select Chapter1

After all the links to the buttons are created then choose to make the Menu First Play. RT. click on the Menu 01 in the bin and select. >Set as First Play.

Click on the timeline in the "Project" window and go to the "Timeline Properties" and

Choose to set the End Action to "Return to Last menu" or whatever you want the disk to do.

Preview the disk by selecting the "Disk Preview"

You can also select "Shift and Space Bar" to preview.

If the disk works then build the disk.

Go to >Build>Disk

Choose to "Check Project"

Then hit Start to start the "check project" process

If the only error you have is. "title remote not set" that is fine to ignore.

On the build menu make sure the Format is set to DVD Output to DVD Disc and choose the write speed and # of copies.

Then click "Build"