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Encore Workflow – Create a Blu Ray with encoded material from Adobe Media Encoder
Step one is to encode the file in Adobe Media Encoder to use in your Blu Ray

Launch Adobe Media Encoder


Import the file to compress to Blu-ray
Go to >File>Add and navigate to where the file is you want to compress


Click on (Yellow Settings) Choose the Export Settings and choose H.264 Blu-ray


Set to HD 1080P 23.976

Click on the "Yellow" text to check the presets. You can leave most of them the same.


Choose to Export Video and Export Audio

Choose the Output Name – If you want to change it click on the "Yellow" text


Click on the Video Tab

Use the default settings shown here


Bitrate settings use the default settings shown here.

If you have a longer program like 90 minutes or so may need to adjust the target bitrate lower so it all fits on the disk


You can see Estimated File in the lower left of the Export Settings dialog box


Can also choose the inpoint and outpoint of the file to compress when >Source Range > Custom is selected
Click OK to apply


Choose Output File and navigate to where to save the .m4v file


Choose the destination for the saved file and click "Save"


Click the Green triangle when ready to start the encode.


While Encoding you can make a menu in photoshop


Open Photoshop


Go to >File>New


Choose the following settings:

Width – 1920
Height – 1080

Res 72

Background Color is optional

You can click on the square to change the color


Click on the T icon to type out the Disk contents to create the buttons


You can change the font, size and color at the top of the photoshop page when the "T" icon is selected


In the "Layers" menu Drag the Text layer to the Paper icon to make a copy of it.


Then use the arrow tool to drag it down and type in the next entry. Hold the shift key to keep alignment.


You can have a number of test layers to create buttons in Encore


Choose to save the project. >File>Save As


Choose .psd file and where to save it.

Click Save


Click OK here


NOW WE ARE GOING TO USE Adobe Encore to Author the Disks


Open a new project and set the Authoring Mode to Blu-ray
Set the Name and Location of where the files are going to be saved by clicking on the Browse button.
Television Standard should be NTSC

Click on the Default Transcode Settings button.

Choose the following:
Blu-ray tab set the Automatic Transcoding to 20 to 30 Mbps
Video Transcoding to match the transcoding done in "Encoder"
Codec – H.264
1920 x 1080
23.976 or 29.97 (most film projects will be 23.976
Audio Transcoding – PCM
Click OK
Set up workspace

Import the H.264 and the corresponding .wav file into the project as a Timeline
File > Import As>Timeline

Select the corresponding m4v and .wav files


Go to >File >Import As >Menu to import the Menu

Choose the Photoshop file to use as the menu

Select all the text entries in the menu with the "Arrow" Selector Tool> Rt. Click and choose to Convert to Button.

Buttons will get a green outline when they are converted to buttons.

To Change the menu color go to >Menu>Edit Menu Color Set

Choose the Color Set to Menu Default

Click OK

You can change the color of the selected and activated highlight colors

Now you can choose – Which Highlight Group you want to use that you have adjusted in the previous step.

Check "Create
Text Subpicture"

One option available is to select to Distribute the buttons.

Go to >Object>
Relative to Safe Area

Another option available is to Align the buttons

Go to >Object>
Center-Left or Right

To set the buttons select the button.

Click on Link>

Then choose the asset to link to and select Chapter1

After all the links to the buttons are created then choose to make the Menu First Play. RT. click on the Menu 01 in the bin and select. >Set as First Play.

Preview the disk by selecting the "Disk Preview"

Or click "Shift and Space bar" on keybord

To burn the disk go to File>Build>Disc

Choose the following:

Format: Blu-ray

Output: Blu-ray Disc

Create using Current Project