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Go to >File>New

Choose the following Parameters

Width 1920

Height 1080

Resolution 72



RGB Color Mode

Background Contents Background Color


Color Profile Display


Pixel Aspect Ratio Square Pixels


Click OK

in Photoshop >select Window > Layers.

Click inside the Layers panel, and select Layer > New > Group.

In the New Group dialog, enter (#) <Page Name>. For example, to name the page Page 1, enter (#) Page 1

Click OK

Create button groups within the page 

Type in the titles of the DVD

Repeat the steps to create as many pages as you require.

Duplicate the page layer, and rename the buttons if you are planning to maintain a uniform appearance across pages.



  1. Save the menu in the corresponding Library folder as a PSD file.
  2. Open Encore, and select Windows > Library.
  3. In the Set menu, select the category in which you have saved the PSD file. For example, if you had saved your file in the Corporate folder, select Corporate.
  4. Select the PSD in the library panel, and drag it to the menu panel.
  5. Link the buttons to pages, buttons, chapter points, or assets.

To navigate the pages in the menu, use the arrow buttons. The navigation provides you with the browsing sequence of the pages.