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This handout will walk you through the process of how to set up a project in Premiere.

In the Applications folder, open Adobe Premiere.

Start a new project from the splash screen by clicking "Project..." under "New"

Set your ‘Scratch Disks’.
Once ‘Premiere’ opens, there are several steps you have to take before you can capture media or start editing.
Please note: These steps should be done BEFORE capturing any media. Skipping these steps may cause you to lose your work! 

Click ‘Scratch Disks’ in the New Project window that comes up next.

Under the ‘Scratch Disks’ tab, you need to:

Name your project.

Location should be set to YOUR PERSONAL HARD DRIVE.  

Same as Project is a good option for all the other options on this page.

Once this is done, click ok.

Create a "MEDIA" folder at the Finder level in the same folder as your the project file you just created.

If you have media already in a file format on the computer, consolidate it by moving the files you would like to use into the MEDIA folder you just created.  This will help you avoid losing your media as well.

This includes movie files, pictures, music, etc.

If you have used the Canon XF105 or XF305 camera then use the Canon XF backup utility to make a backup of the Compact Flash card using this workflow.

AVID - Canon – XF Utility Compact Flash Card Media Backup Workflow

After consolidating your files into your 'MEDIA' folder, bring them into Premiere.

‘File > Import...’ command and select the files in the 'MEDIA' folder you created.


Drag and drop those files into the project.  

Note: Even if you import a file into the browser window, it does not copy it into your project. It is important to keep all of your media in one place. Always make sure to copy any media into your folder BEFORE importing it into ‘Premiere’. 

Canon XF media will give you this error just ignore it and click OK
Now start editing.