The Concierge View is really helpful to see multiple schedules to find open rooms

Note you can not create reservations in this view but can find open times looking at multiple room schedules at once

Navigate to

Go to the upper right corner and choose your user profile and 

>Switch to Employee App

Click on >More > Concierge 

Go to Workspaces and start typing the

room you'd like to see the schedule

ex: cmb 4.116

Click on the actual title of the room to

display the calendar

To keep adding type the room number in the 

Type to add workspaces

The next step we are going to create two "Dashboards"

  1. CMA Classroom Dashboard
  2. CMB Studio Dashboard

Reservation Policy for RTF Projects

The link above explains the policies and the rooms and studios we are creating dashboards 

to see the schedules

For CMA Casting Reservations add all these rooms

to the workspace list

CMA 3.116,

CMA 3.120,

CMA 3.124,

CMA 5.130,

CMA 6.146,

CMA 6.170, &

CMA 6.174

Once all the rooms are added 

Then click on Save

Name the Dashboard CMA Classroom Audition Spaces

Then click Save

Click the X to clear the selection in order to make

a new dashboard for CMB.

Next we are going to create a Dashboard for the CMB studios

Add all these studios to the Workspace List

Name the CMB Dashboard and click Save

Now you can see the schedules of all the studios and classrooms easily

Go to the upper left of the screen and choose Dashboard

Click on the down arrow to pull up the saved Dashboards

Your two saved dashboards are now available

When you choose one you'll see all the rooms on the week or day you've selected

Shown here are all the schedule elements



Room #'s

Week or Day view

This will help you find available space during

the requested times you are trying to reserve

In this example

open time from 2PM to 5PM

To reserve this time 


then follow this wiki

Appspace How to Make Reservations - Proctor Workflow