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Having trouble hearing a video recorded in the CSD Clinic or Behavioral Science Lab?  Do you see video,  but do not hear any audio?   

  • The video recorded in the clinic  & BSL can ONLY be played back on Windows PC computers.     (To play the video on an Apple Mac computer please see below)
  • The video recorded in the clinic & BSL can ONLY be played back using Windows Media Player.


The videos recorded from the Axis IP cameras in the CSD clinic & Behavioral Science Lab require a special audio codec to be installed on your computer.  If you do not have the required audio codec you will not hear any audio.  You may be able to see the video but no audio will be present. If you experience this please contact Technology Services  (512-471-1199) to get the correct audio software installed on your computer.  

To expedite the process please copy and paste the following into your email :    Help Desk please see Axis IP camera video: Audio Playback Problems and Editing Problems  


For Help Desk Technicians:  Audio Codec installer can be found here →  smb://



Once the audio software has been installed you will now be able to see and hear the video using Windows Media Player. Note that VLC will not play the sound from these files even with the audio codec loaded.

Need to edit the videos recorded in the CSD Clinic?  Need to play these videos on an Apple Mac?

If you need to play these files on a Mac or edit these files using Mac or Windows, then you will need to covert the .asf video file to a different format which is compatible.  

Total Video Converter by OjoSoft is a converter that has been tested to successfully convert video from the CSD Clinic & Behavioral Science Lab Axis IP cameras from the camera's native .asf format to .mp4 which can be read by most editing programs as well as Macs.  The link is to a free trial version of the software.   The trial version will not convert the entire video.  It will only convert about 30% of the movie.  To convert the entire video a license code will need to be purchased.  As of June 2015, the cost for full license is $39.   You can download and install the free trial version to test it out and make sure that it will convert the video you are working with.  If you are happy with the results, you can purchase the license code to unlock the full version.  If you need assistance installing this software on a Moody College of Communication PC, please contact Technology Services  (512-471-1199).

If you have questions or concerns about this converter or converting any video recorded in the CSD Clinic or Behavioral Science Lab, please contact:  Mark Rogers, Production Services CMA 3.104.