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This workflow discusses how to use the Reporter equipment in BMC 3.208

Begin by checking out the Live Reporter Kit from equipment checkout in BMC 5.104.

This workflow assumes we are beginning with the equipment off, dark, and stowed.

Gently pull the camera unit out of wall recess with the handle provided.

There are 6 objects to turn on, and they each turn on in different ways.  They must all be turned-on for this equipment to function properly.

1) Turn on the light-switch labeled "Local Reporter Flat-Panel Lights" on the opposite wall.

2) Turn on the wall mounted Program Out monitor by pressing the button on the bottom right-hand side.

3) Turn on the top, shelf-mounted Teleprompter monitor by pressing the button on the right side.  This button is a little difficult to find.

4) Turn on the lower, Local Reporter monitor by touching the power symbol on the bottom right side.

5) Turn on the AJA KiPro Mini inside the rack, just behind the Local Reporter monitor, by holding down the power button for 2 seconds.

Remove the cloth cover from the camera.  Place the cover next to the camera, so we can put it back later.


6) Using the remote control in the Live Reporter kit, press the red power button to turn on the camera.

Look for the power light to turn green.

Ensure the Telex Telecaster is on. It is most likely already on. Look for green lights like so:


If it is not lit up, the power switch is on the far right of the unit. Switch it to on.

At this point, the equipment should all be turned on, and look something like this:

Note: The teleprompter monitor should be on, but not necessarily displaying words.

Next, we're going to set up the Live Reporter kit from Equipment Checkout.

To set up a Wired Lav microphone, you will need:

  • a Wired Lavalier microphone kit
  • a AA battery that should be included with your microphone
  • an XLR cable.

Remove the lavalier mic from the case, and unscrew the metal body to open it up.

Place the AA battery inside the mic, and screw it back together.

Plug the XLR cable into the microphone.

Place the mic clip on the microphone if it is not already on the mic.

Clip the mic to your subject's chest at approximately the center of their sternum.
If the microphone is not on your subject's body (ie: in their hand), it will not pickup low-frequency sound correctly.

Plug the opposite end of the XLR into the Mic plate labeled Mic 1

Optional: Use Mic 2 for a second microphone on a second reporter.

Optional: To hear the producer in the Newsroom, set up the IFB earpiece. 

This will require:

  • IFB earpiece
  • XLR to 1/8th inch female audio cable

Plug the earpiece into the receiver.  

Clip the cable behind you to a belt loop or something similar, so that it cannot be seen on camera, but the earpiece can reach your ear.

Plug the other end of the receiver into the XLR cable.

Plug the opposite end of the XLR cable into one of the two IFB ports at the bottom of the rack.  Both ports are the same.

Clip the IFP to the back of your shirt.

Place the earpiece over the top of your ear, and in your ear, as if you were in the Secret Service.

Test the setup by talking at a normal level.

Watch to see levels move on the AJA Kona recording device.

Stand on the X marked on the floor.

On the remote, press the 1 button for preset 1 on the camera. The camera will go to the pre-programmed position, zoom and white balance settings.

Make sure you can see yourself in the lower, Local Camera monitor.


If you need to adjust the camera, you can use the remote to change the position of the camera or use the T or W buttons to change the zoom.

Your setup is now complete.

To shut-down the Live Reporter setup:

Remove and break-down the lavalier microphone and IFB.  Make sure to remove the battery from the microphone. Place them both in the Live Reporter Kit.

Turn off the camera by pushing the red power button on the remote.

The power light on the camera will turn amber.

Turn off the AJA KiPro Mini by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.  The KiPro Mini will display that it is shutting down.

Turn off the 3 monitors by pushing the power button on each of them.

Place the cloth cover back on the camera.

Gently push the camera shelf back into the wall-rack.

Now the monitors and KiPro in the rack should be dark and stowed.

Turn off the Local Reporter Flat-Panel lights.

Return the Live Reporter Kit to Equipment Checkout in BMC 5.104.