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3D Fury check the dip switches

3D Fury dip switch settings:
1 – ON
2 – ON
3 – ON
4 – ON
5 – OFF
6 – ON
7 – OFF
8 – OFF
9 – OFF
10 - ON

On the 3D Fury box look at the 3D L R switch and make sure it's in the center

Website for the Fury if you need

Unplug the existing A and B SDI cables from the Barco

Connect the Output A and the Output B SDI cables out of the Blackmagic Terranex

Connect the A to the A Input and the B SDI to the B input

On the back of the IMac or computer with thunderbolt plug the thunderbolt cable in.

Make sure the Blackmagic Design Desktop video installer is run on the computer first.

Plug the other end of the cable into the Blackmagic Design Ultra Studio 3D thunderbolt connection.

Plug the HDMI output on the Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D

Plug into the 3D Fury box

Plug the output of the 3D Fury box into the

Plug the output of the 3D Fury box into the Terranex in HDMI

Plug HDMI out of 3D Fury into the HDMI Input on the Blackmagic Terranex

Plug the Terranex output Audio Out 1 and Audio Out 2 XLR into patch panel for the soundweb

Plug the XLR out of the Terranex into channels 1 and 2 respectively on the patch panel in 4D control that feeds the Soundweb for 4D

Turn on the Mi-Wave

Turn on the master image box

Turn on Lamp on the projector

Run 3D Flat or Scope Inverted Preset

Should turn on all the presets for the 3D Setup

Should slide the 3D screen in front of the projector lens and enable the 3D capabilities of the projector

Go to System Prefs


Choose to display HDMI 3D as Framepacked
(example shown here is wrong)

Launch AVID

Open the 3D 23.98 1080 project

Set the 3D settings in AVID to "Full"

3D Fury will light up when it sees a signal

will light up when the Terranex is on too.

Turn on the power to the Terranex

Press >Menu>Home>

Press the soft key next to System Setup to choose system setup

Press the softkey next to Factory Reset

Press the softkey next to Reset to reset the Terranex

Settings on the Terranex –
Video – HDMI
Audio – Embed
Format – 1080
Frame – P
Rate – 23.98

Next Press 3D softkey

Press Softkey for 3D Mode>Convert

Press the softkey for Input>Side by Side

Press the softkey for Output>Full Frame

Press the return key to get back to main menu

Press the softkey for Audio

Press the softkey for Audio Gain

Turn the knob and adjust the audio gain to -12

When finished put back the Normal SDI cables that connect to the Dolby Server

Turn off the lamp>Power switch is red when off.

Let fan cool and turn fan off when projector is cool.