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Written by Susanne Kraft,

If you are going to an audio mix, you must have a blacked DV tape prior to printing to video. The timecode on the tape should be:

  • Drop / Non-Drop setting must match your sequence settings
  • Timecode should start at 00:58:30.00
  • Should be blacked longer than the project by at least 5 minutes

You can black your tape using a Sony DSR-80 in the CMB Grad Machine Room (contact Susanne Kraft for access) or in the DV Lab (CMA4.206E)

  • Using a DSR-80:
  • Set Video Input to Composite
  • Set Counter Select to TC
  • Patch Black to the Composite Video Input (the flashing Composite Indicator should go solid)
  • No audio patch is necessary (tape will be silent)
  • On the Flip-Down control surface, press Menu > Setup Menu > Timecode >
    • TC Mode = INT
    • Run Mode = REC
    • DF Mode = DF or NDF depending on which drop frame mode your sequence uses
  • Then press Set
  • Press TC Preset Button on Flip-Down control surface
  • Using the arrow buttons, type in the starting timecode (00:58:30.00)
  • Then press Set

Insert your tape, rewind it to the beginning and press Play and Record simultaneously. Be sure to record more black than you'll need (at least 5 minutes more than your project's length).