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Written by Susanne Kraft,

1. Patch Black to the deck using the composite video patch of “black out” to “digibeta in.” 
2. Set the inputs on the digibeta deck to “composite“ video and “analog“ audio. 
3. On top of flip down panel set timecode to “int” “preset” (May need to pull front panel slightly forward to see these switches) 
4. Underneath the front panel of the deck, check the time code switches. Set them to: Time Code “NDF or DF”, “Rec. Run”, VITC “ON” don’t worry about the rest of the switches. 
5. Set the timecode: On the front of the flip down panel press “hold” then press the reset button next to the flashing red timecode #’s. Now press the jog button and turn the shuttle knob to the right so that the 2nd set or “minutes” TC numbers are flashing. Hold down the jog button and turn the shuttle knob counter clockwise changing the numeric value of the #’s to 58. Continue this process for the “seconds” and “frames” 
6. Your timecode should read 58:30:00 and at this point hit the “set” button. Your timecode will not display 58:30:00 after you hit set. It will, however begin recording the correct 58:30:00 code when you press record and play to commence recording black.