• Login to the Appspace employee app
  • Navigate to the "Reservations" Tab
  • Click "+Create"

  • Enter the details of the event
  • Click on the "..." next to your name in "Attendees"
  • Click "Remove"

  • Once your name has been removed...
  • Enter the person's name you wish to "book on behalf"
  • If the person is in the Appspace system, their name will populate, if not enter the person's email and hit the "Tab" keyboard key.

  • Click "Confirm"

  • Appspace will confirm reservation and the event will display on your "Reservation" tab since you are the organizer -but not the attendee!

  • You will receive a confirmation email

  • The person whome you booked on behalf will recieve two emails
    1. A confirmation email to their reservation...

b. and an invite via their calendar system so they can place the event on their calendar.

... and to confirm, the even will be listed on their calendar once they "confirm" to the event.

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