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This document discusses the proper Final Cut Pro settings for student packages for the Broadcast Journalism Texas Newswatch program.  If these settings are not used, videos will not play-to-air properly.

This document assumes that students are shooting on Canon XF 100s.

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After the application opens, select 'Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup ...'
From the Format menu, choose 'Apple ProRes 422'
Select 'OK' to exit the Easy Setup menu and set your project up correctly for broadcast. 
Select your sequence.
Select the Sequence > Settings ... from the menu. (Command + 0)
Select the Audio Outputs tab.
Change the Audio grouping to 'Dual Mono'.
Press 'OK' to exit the Settings menu. 

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Drag your footage down to the Sequence.
If Final Cut Pro prompts you to change your sequence to match the footage, select 'No.'