This wiki provides an overview of using the Mole-Richardson soft hot lights in CMB studio 4E. 

The hot lights provide continuous soft lighting for a subject and can be easily adjusted on their floor stands.


Position the lights approximately where you want them.

Ensure the power switches on the side are turned off.

Connect the power cable to one of wall outlets on the right-hand wall. If you are using both lights, ensure that each is connected to a different outlet.

 Turn on the light using the switches on the side of the fixture. Flip more switches on to turn on more bulbs which produces more light. Be careful - the lights get hot.

Turn off the lights, roll up the cords, and roll them out of the way when you are finished using the studio.



To roll down backdrops, use the background hook. BE CAREFUL. You must pull down on the hook before turning the gears to avoid damaging the roller.


There is a posing table in the studio which can be used for posing subjects or product photography.


If you are shooting RAW, there is a grey card to be used for setting white balance. The grey card is hanging on the cage.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the student proctor outside CMB studio 4A.


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