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Stream to YouTube with the PGM Recorder / Streamer


You can stream Live to YouTube using PGM Recorder / Streamer(s)

(YouTube link for live stream --


Stream the On-Air PROGRAM with the PGM Recorder/Streamer.

Stream the MultiViewer (Foshcam) with the FOSHCAM Recorder/Streamer.




Press the RED (Start/Stop) button on the front of the unit labeled PGM RECORDER/STREAMER to start streaming.


Confirm that you want to START, by using the same RED (joystick) button to navigate to YES (default), and press the button in.

This will begin STREAMING live to YouTube.


Repeat this step with the Foshcam Recorder if you want to also stream the MultiViewer.

Because these devices can record and stream simultaneously you will be notified that you do not have any recording media present.

Simply click OK to continue streaming without recording.





To STOP streaming, press the START/STOP button again and then confirm that you want to stop streaming.