Q: We hired a new BSL administrator. how do we add this person to the usher admin page?

A: See On-Boarding/Off-Boarding a New/Retiring BSL Lab Manager

Q: Is the BSL facility Cat-1 compliant?

A: Yes, the physical space and the computers in the BSL are Cat-1 compliant. Note that your choice of where to store your files may or may not be Cat-1 compliant.

Q: Is the BSL facility HIPPA compliant?

A: The infrastructure of the lab was designed such that the networks and computers can be made HIPPA compliant in the future, but are not currently configured as such. If such modifications were made, users would lose the ability to view and record camera feeds via their own computers or from their office. Additionally, logins to all machines would be significantly reduced and would require a ticket to COMM-IT to authorize new users.



reviewed 9/28/17 - Cox