Overview of Lab Operations:

Potential researchers within the college should be directed to the main Drupal site for research (https://moody.utexas.edu/research) or the subpages specifically for the BSL (https://moody.utexas.edu/research/behavioral-science-lab). These webpages are managed by the Moody Communication Team and content is curated by authorized editors.

Should a new researcher wish to use the BSL, the above site directs them to complete the Research Room Reservation Request Form. Submissions from this form will route to the email moody.research@austin.utexas.edu which is checked by the office of the Moody Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education. Once the applicant is approved, staff in this office will email the lab manager coc-bsl@austin.utexas.edu indicating that the new researcher is approved to use XX rooms for XX dates.

The lab manager will grant the researcher access to specific room calendars, IP cameras, and will coordinate keys as detailed below. The researcher will then submit individual requests for the rooms for the times needed. These notifications will route to the lab manager and can be set to auto-approve or require approval from the manager.


Credentials, Checking Email, & Viewing Calendars

Lab managers will use a web client (https://office365.austin.utexas.edu/) or Outlook client installed on their computer to check the lab manager coc-bsl@austin.utexas.edu email account. The credentials for this account are saved in STACHE under the entry titled “BSL Lab Manager Credentials”. If you are a new lab manager and do not see this entry, refer to On-Boarding/Off-Boarding a New/Retiring BSL Lab Manager

See instructions here to open a Room's Calendar in Outlook or Webmail


On-Boarding a New Research Group

When you receive an approved research request from office of the Moody Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, the email will indicate the dates, rooms & users who should be granted access. Follow these steps to on-board the research group:

  1. Create a new Room Reservation Custom User Group and Map it to the authorized rooms
  2. Grant researchers access to cameras in CMB1 Behavioral Science Lab
  3. Send an email to the new researchers welcoming them to the lab, outlining rules & expectations, and providing direction re: keys & access.


Responding to Reservation Requests from Authorized Researchers

For all rooms which are set to automatically accept requests from authorized users, the lab manager will receive a notification email at coc-bsl@austin.utexas.edu. Assuming the users already have access to keys and know how to use the room, there is no action required on your part. 

If the room is NOT set to automatically accept reservation requests or if the reservation request is for a particularly long period of time or far into the future (these thresholds are controlled in the Room Reservation Administration tool), you will receive a request email which you may accept or deny. Instructions on how to accept or deny the request are included in the email.


Setting Room Reservation Policies as a Room Owner in USHER

The Room Reservation Administration tool in USHER allows room owners to set rules (hours, who is allowed, automatic acceptance of requests, etc) for reserving rooms. 


If you are a new lab manager and do not see this icon, refer to On-Boarding/Off-Boarding a New/Retiring BSL Lab Manager

See instructions how to Manage a Room's Reservation Rules & Policies

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