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Instructions for Completing Purchase Requests

The Purchase form is in interactive PDF format. Fill in all the required fields, which are outlined with red boxes. The only exceptions are the three fields in line 3 of the Purchase Request form (Contact, Phone, and Web Address). While it is desirable to provide the three types of information, you may not have access to all of them. If this is the case, fill in what you know and put ‘N/A’ in the remaining box(es). However, a Phone number or a web address is required in order that Melinda can verify the Requestor’s information.

Although this step is optional, it is recommended that you save the Purchase Request for future reference. If you wish to do this, select ‘Save As’ to save the file. Use a unique file name for each Purchase Request for tracking purposes.

Click the ‘Print Form’ button found in the upper right corner of the form. This will activate the print utility and enable you to print the form. Be sure to sign the hard copy on the Signature line and give the form to Kim or Cory as appropriate.

Please obtain the "Request for Travel Authorization" form from the main "Travel" page.

Please obtain the "Official Occasion Expense" form from the main "Entertainment" page.

  File Modified
PDF File Part-Time Temporary Job Offer Form.pdf Oct 14, 2010 by Susan A Laronde
PDF File PRIOR APPROVAL TO REIMBURSE.pdf Nov 13, 2014 by Steven W Nevers
PDF File Purchase Request.pdf Oct 14, 2010 by Susan A Laronde
PDF File Reimbursement Payment Request Form.pdf Oct 14, 2010 by Susan A Laronde
PDF File Travel Reimbursement Expense Form.pdf Oct 14, 2010 by Susan A Laronde