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The VIXIA HF M500 camcorder gives you the flexibility of dual codec recording, allowing you to record in AVCHD or MP4 format, so you can pick the format that best suits your needs. AVCHD's higher bit-rate and finer resolution will yield the highest quality video and the MP4 format is web-ready. 

MP4 Format (.mp4)

For use with today's most typical video applications, the camcorder lets you record in MP4 format for files you can share right away - no need for conversion. Video is immediately available to upload to social networking sites like Facebook™ or YouTube™, view on an iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod Touch™.   If you need to edit your video recorded in the MP4 format you can simply import your files directly into Final Cut Pro.  To import the footage click File/Import/Files or Folders

AVCHD (.mts)

If you wish to record in the higher quality AVCHD format you will need to convert the files that the camera records into a file format that Final Cut Pro (FCP) can recognize. Final Cut Pro does not natively recognize the .mts files that the Canon Vixia camera records when using AVCHD.  Follow the steps below to begin editing the AVCHD (.mts) files. 

Before you begin converting your .mts files and editing in FCP you should back up your footage.

1. Create a new project folder on a local drive on your computer. 

2. Insert the SD card in an SD card reader or SD card slot on your computer.

3. Copy the PRIVATE folder to the project folder you just created.  Copy the entire PRIVATE folder.  DO NOT navigate inside the PRIVATE folder and move, copy, or rename any files inside this folder. Doing so will result in FCP not being able to recognize the video files.

4. Once the PRIVATE folder has completed copying to your computer eject and remove the SD card from your computer.  

5. Launch FCP and follow the steps below to convert your video files. 

After FCP launches you should save your project.


Click File/Log and Transfer

Once the Log and Transfer window opens,
click on the ADD folder icon and navigate to the
PRIVATE folder you copied to your computer. 

Choose the PRIVATE folder and click Open.

The .mts files will appear in the Log and Transfer
window.  Select all clips or the clips you wish to
use and drag them down the Que window.

The files will automatically begin to convert.

Once the files have completed converting they 
will appear in FCP's Browser window. 

You can close the Log and Transfer window
and begin editing.

If you drag a clip to the timeline and get the

"For best performance your sequence and External
Video should be set to the format of the clips you
are editing.

Change sequence settings to match the clip settings?"

Click YES.

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