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Items you will need to do this project:

  1. Socket Set need a 3/8 socket
  2. Allen Wrench Set need a 5/32 Allen Wrench
  3. Zip Ties
  4. Flush Cut Cutting Pliers




Remove all items off the desk.

Remove keyboard and mouse off

the desk tray.



Flip the desk on the short side.

Flip on the Side that the Doc Cam

is attached. Don't use the other side.


Make sure you get a couple of people

to help.

Use a socket wrench to get off the

4 bolts on each set of casters.


There is also one allen hex head screw.




Pull off the old caster arm and replace

with the new repaired caster arm.

After they are replaced and bolts and screws



Tip desk up back into upright position.