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College Guidelines for Grant Preparation Awards: 2015-2016 

This program provides financial support for assistant and associate faculty members in the College who are considered especially promising with regard to funded research.  Applications should be sent to Dr. Steve Reese, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  When evaluating the applications, primary consideration will be given to faculty members who are seeking external support from governmental agencies, philanthropic foundations, or corporate funders.  In other words, this is an investment in building external grant income for the College, and the likelihood of the investment yielding that result should be demonstrated in the proposal.  Occasionally, small amounts of money may be available to supplement Faculty Research Assignments, Summer Research Assignments, or other existing grants.

Examples of appropriate expenses

The funds may be used for anything that will advance a professor’s grant-seeking or leveraging process (supplies, travel, equipment, RAs, etc.). For example: 

  • To fund travel to visit a potential sponsor (e.g., NIH) to present a research proposal for discussion, establish contacts, and/or tailor the proposal;
  • To fund a pilot study, where having one is dearly needed for a specific grant competition;
  • To contract with an experienced grant writer to coach the researcher and refine a proposal;
  • To buy a piece of equipment or fund a student needed to develop and/or collect initial data, which could make a more compelling application;
  • To pay for travel to meet with partner(s) at another institution to develop potential joint applications (co-PI’s); and
  • To pay for travel to a conference to present current research in order to attract the attention of grant reviewer decision-makers (a clear likelihood of this benefit must be shown).

Grant Preparation Award Guidelines and Procedures:

  • Awards will be dispensed in the amount of $6,000 apiece and awarded competitively across the departments until total funds have been allocated.
  • Applications will be accepted only from assistant or associate tenure-track faculty and should include information about the targeted or related grant(s) and a copy of the Request for Proposals where appropriate.
  • Applicants who have previously been awarded a Grant Preparation Award must provide verification of an external grant application having resulted from those funds.
  • A proposal (see attached for suggested format) with these materials should  be forwarded to Associate Dean Steve Reese along with the department chair’s/director's endorsement on the attached cover sheet.
  • The proposal must demonstrate a clear path for how the applicant will seek funding.  The plan must be specific.
  • Awards will be made once a year.  Applications should be received in the Dean’s office by November 1 of each year.
  • These awards are not meant to be a primary means of salary support, but a small portion (up to $2K depending on the circumstances) may be approved.
  • If salary money is involved, benefits are to be taken out of the money allotted to the faculty member.  For help determining a reasonable fringe allocation, please contact Jay Whitman.
  • Faculty must submit a complete budget along with the application.  Include a budget narrative analogous to that required by many sponsors.  For example, while the budget may say $1,000 for a GRA, the narrative would be along the lines of "$1000 to fund a GRA for 10 hours/week for 10 weeks to conduct surveys of...."  If the faculty member allocates funds for his/her salary, the amount may not be changed at a later date.  While travel for purposes indicated above can be budgeted, these funds cannot be used for international travel for any purpose.
  • Final expenditures are to be completed by August 15, during the academic year in which the award has been granted  Funds do not carry forward, nor may remaining funds be used for salary.
  • Jay Whitman, Business Manager, is available to assist with questions regarding budget preparation.  Please take your detailed proposed budget to Jay Whitman at BMC 5.330 for review prior to seeking approval from the chair/director and submitting the proposal to the Dean's Office.

Revised: 08/20/15


Grant Preparation Awards FAQs.pdf

Grant Preparation Award Application.pdf

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