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Standing Committees 2015-2016

Appeals Committee

The purpose of this committee is to consider appeals made by students to the scholastic regulations, graduation requirements, and other rules of The University as they affect the College. Comprised of one faculty member from each department with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs serving as chair.

Mark Bernstein (Chair)

Gina Chen

Chang Liu

Alisa Perren

Joel Rollins

Kevin Thomas

Diversity Issues Committee

This committee has the responsibility of examining how to increase diversity within the College.

Steve Reese (Chair)

Renita Coleman

Paul Stekler

Ellen Spiro

Dave Junker

Robert Jensen

Ronald Anderson

Erin Donovan

Eli Reed

Courtney Byrd

Faculty Research Committee

The purpose of this committee is to select recipients of the College's Research Award and the Danielson Award recognizing distinguished contributions to communication scholarship.

Steve Reese (Chair)

Angeline Close Scheinbaum

Sharon Strover

Kathryn Fuller-Seeley

Lisa Bedore

Michael Mackert

Baharath Chandrasekaran

Internationalization Committee

This committee is responsible for advising the College on priorities for international exchanges, study abroad, and convenios/exchange agreements. 

Steve Reese (Chair)

Angela Carey

Barry Brummett

Andrew Garrison

Wenhong Chen

Tracy Dahlby

Joe Straubhaar

Karin Wilkins

Brad Love

Matt McGlone

Donna De Cesare

Caroline Frick

Scholarships and Awards Committee

The purpose of this committee is to select winners of College scholarships and awards and to work toward greater coordination of all scholarship and award programs in the College. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will serve as chair.

Mark Bernstein (Chair)

Craig Champlin

Kevin Robbins

Lucy Atkinson

Jeffrey Treem

Tom Schatz