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The College of Communication Diversity Committee created this statement during Spring 2001 to provide guidance to faculty teaching Communication & Culture courses and to encourage them to follow the spirit of the multicultural requirement when designing and teaching their courses.

Undergraduate students in the College of Communication are required to complete at least one three-hour Communication & Culture course. The purpose of this requirement is to expose students to communication issues related to minority and nondominant groups in the United States and to encourage multicultural perspectives in the field of communication. To fulfill this purpose, at least 50% of the lectures, course materials, and assignments of Communication & Culture courses must be related to the study of communication issues concerning at least one minority or nondominant group within the United States.

The Diversity Committee strongly encourages faculty teaching Communication & Culture courses to include at least one experiential activity that would allow students an opportunity to engage directly with a minority or non-dominant group in the field of communication. Exposure to minority or non-dominant groups, communities, associations, or organizations through an experiential activity will enhance students’ learning a multicultural perspective of communication. Such perspectives might consist of, for example, visits to the classroom by members or representatives of minority or non-dominant groups working in the field of communication. Alternatively, students could engage with such individuals or groups at their workplaces.

If faculty have questions regarding the appropriate content for Communication & Culture courses, they should confer with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs who will provide further guidance in consultation with the Diversity Committee, if necessary.