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This is the morning routine for checking in with classroom and lab machines.

This workflow is a good place to start work every morning.

This workflow assumes that computers have been setup on static IP addresses. It makes this process MUCH easier.

This workflow uses Apple Remote Desktop, but is perhaps best done through LanDesk.


This workflow sets up a Scanner for classroom and lab computer adminstration.



This workflow uses Apple Remote Desktop as an example, but can also be completed using LanDesk. 

Select New list > Scanner

Name the Scanner after the Subnet you will be searching.

This example is 'CMA Subnet'.

Open the webpage Moody Labs Assigned IPs. 
Set the scanner to a network range.
Consulting the Assigned IPs page, enter the beginning of the IP range into the scanner.
Now enter the end of the IP range. This is the last IP number on the Assigned IP page.
Push the refresh button to make the scanner scan.


With a Scanner set up to scan the IP range, run a new scan on the IP range. 

Organize the list by IP by clicking on the IP column.

Look through the list for computers that are offline or not reporting in.

In this example, computer 10 in CMA 4.144 is offline. It is either off, stuck or having network issues.

Make a list of the computers that are unreachable and go physically check on it.

While making these rounds, look out for other problems in the classroom or lab. 
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