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AVCHD and the PRIVATE folder


So you have moved or renamed the .mts files from the PRIVATE folder and you can no longer Log and Transfer in Final Cut Pro.  Simply importing the files doesn't seem to work either. You continue to get the following error messages.

Error message when trying to Log and Transfer  

Error message when trying to import

Don't worry. You can still edit these video files but you will need to convert them to a format that Final Cut Pro can read. You can use Adobe Media Encoder to do this.  Adobe Media Encoder is installed on all Digital Media Labs (CMA 4.100) computers. 

Follow the steps below to use Adobe Media Encoder to convert .mts files into Quicktime movies that Final Cut Pro can edit:

Launch Adobe Media Encoder

Then drag and drop your .mts 
video files into the Que window.  

Best Practice is to drag one file into 
the Que and apply the settings (next step),
then drag the rest of the .mts files into
the Que.  This will copy the settings from
the first file to all the subsequent files.

Click on the Triangle button under Format
to pull up the drop down menu of formats.

Choose Quicktime

Click on the Triangle Button under Preset
to pull up the drop down menu of presets. 

Choose HD 720p 24, H.264, ACC, 48kHz

Once all files have been imported and you
have applied all the settings click on the 
Green play button.  This will start converting
all the files in the QUE. 

You can change the destination of the files
under Output File

Adobe Media Encoder will begin to convert 
all of the files in the Que.

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