The first step is safely Ejecting the hard drive from the AJA KiPro, and mounting it on the computer.

Make sure the AJA KiPro recording unit is no longer recording by pressing 'Stop.'

Turn the AJA KiPro off by holding down the power button.

Hold down the power button until the KiPro turns off.

With the KiPro off, hold the Eject button, and gently pull the cartridge out.

Take the cartridge to DVR1 or DVR2 in 4F Control.  Plug the a Firewire 800 cable next to the monitor into the back of the cartridge.

Now we will copy the video from the KiPro hard drive.

The AJA KiPro hard drive should mount on the desktop of the machine.

If the computer asks you if you want to backup to this device, select 'Don't Use'.

Open the KiPro hard drive by double-clicking on the hard drive icon.


Find the latest recording.  The recordings are in numerical order.

Drag the last recording to the local hard drive of your machine.  This will take some time to copy.

After the copy has completed, eject the KiPro hard drive by selecting the hard drive icon and selecting 'File > Eject' or dragging it to the Eject icon in the dock.

Unplug the AJA KiPro harddrive from the system and return it to the KiPro recording device.