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At the beginning of each semester or summer session, you will be receiving two e-mails requesting possible input from you regarding your Course Instructor Survey(s) and your Final Exam(s).

Please read carefully and, if needed, respond promptly. As a default procedure is indicated, no response is necessary from most faculty.

The default for your Final Exam(s) is that you will have NO final exam.

The default for your Course Instructor Survey(s) is that you will use the Basic Form.

Please remember that a student (neither the instructor nor a teaching assistant) will need to conduct the survey. This means that the student comes to the RTF office, gets the survey, conducts the survey, and returns it to our office.

If your survey will be conducted at night, the student needs to get the survey before 5pm. They may return it the next day.

When you receive your copy of the results of the survey, please note the new restrictions; especially, regarding the student written comments.

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Additional information and sample surveys

Using the results of a course instructor survey:

We have fielded questions from outside employers about the availability of student comments sheets in the course of job references for our instructors, and thought we should share the University's policy on this with you.

University authorities state that only statistical results can be shared with prospective employers. Students' written comments are protected by FERPA. Not only may a professor NOT share them with anyone else, the professor him or herself has only one legitimate interest for reviewing them: Improving teaching. Any other use by the professor violates FERPA.

The comment sheets are official records of the University and not the property of the professor. Accordingly, it is inappropriate for one to use them for any purpose not related to the educational mission of the University.