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To copy a trimmed version of the original media used in the project select the following options : TIMELINES - COPY - TRIM KEEPING (24 frames for example)


 Browse to where you want to save the new consolidated media and the .drt That stands for Davinci Resolve Timeline

 Locate where you want to save and choose Open

 You will get a comparison of the current project size and the new size of the project after consolidating

Click Start to begin

 Progress bar will open and give some progress info

 the final export will look like this with the .drt file

You can double click the .drt to open the new timeline in resolve 

Choose Don't Change or change it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Or to make ProRes files of all the media > choose >Timelines>Transcode

Choose Video > QuickTime > Apple ProRes > Apple ProRes 422 or 4444

Render at Source Resolution

Retain Sub-Black and Super-White Data


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