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Dean's Fellows Special Scholarship Release Program

The Dean’s Fellow Special Scholarship Release Program (SSRP) provides one or two course releases for tenured or tenure-track faculty members per department each academic year so faculty can advance their scholarship by temporarily reducing their teaching load.

Chairs will receive two SSRP course releases each academic year and can assign one each to two different faculty members or both to one faculty member.  These awards are contingent on the ability of the department’s instructional budget to absorb the cost of the release(s) without replacement funding from the Dean’s Office and without significant loss of undergraduate student credit hours.  Therefore, SSRP course releases should be used for smaller graduate or undergraduate courses rather than large lecture courses whenever possible.  SSRP release requests may not be combined with any other course releases during the same semester, including administrative releases, research-funded buyouts, or FRA awards. 

Revised 3/18/2021

Deans Fellows Guidelines 2022-23.pdf