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Dean's Fellows Guidelines

The Dean's Fellow appointment provides released time for a faculty member for one semester.  Every effort will be made to allow each department to benefit from these appointments, but they are contingent on the ability of the total department budget to absorb the cost since the Dean’s Office is unable to provide additional funding for replacement lecturers.  Chairs will forward their recommendations to Dean Steve Reese’s office by December 1 prior to the academic year in which the appointment will be held.  The recommendation form requests information on the method and rationale used to select the nominee.  As this is a significant investment in the faculty member, every effort should be made to ensure that the individual recommended is best able to maximize the opportunity for the benefit of the program and the Moody College.  This may lead to favoring junior faculty working toward promotion.  In general, senior faculty should be encouraged to pursue other avenues such as a Faculty Research Assignment.  In the event of an external grant that requires released time, a request for a supplemental Dean's Fellow can be submitted.


Revised 8/7/2015

Moody Dean's Fellow Form.pdf