General Information

Lab Hours

Monday - Thursday 8AM to 10PM

Friday 8AM to 5PM

Saturday 12PM to 5PM - these proctors open and close Saturday

Sunday 12PM to 10PM

NOTE THE GRAD HALLWAY CMB 4.112 can be used by authorized grad students 27/7 so that room doesn't really close and no need to ask individuals to leave at the end of the day.

If you are working the later shifts check out "Sure Walk" and the Ambassadors Program

West Campus Ambassador’s Program:

Keys and Codes

New proctors

You will not get a key.   You will use your ID to take to the keybox and swipe it to get the proctor key.

The suites that are keybox access you will get codes to open the rooms tech staff will send you codes

Here is how to use the keyboxes

Keybox Codes - How to open the key box to gain access to the room

If you have a key please return it to locks and keys and get it off your record.

Proctor Scheduling

We use Humanity - Shiftplanning to coordinate shifts.

Keep your contact information (email / phone number) up-to-date.

For scheduling questions, check the posted schedule.  Keep your contact information (email / phone number) up-to-date

The Humanity schedule is the official schedule.  If you verbally trade a shift and it is not on the schedule WE DON'T SEE IT.  IT IS NOT A SCHEDULED CHANGE.

    1. Create a shift trade request in Humanity - Shiftplanning. If there is no reply, it is your responsibility to call, text or personally email other student workers to obtain shift coverage. 
    2. Inform your supervisors at least two days or ASAP in advance after you have tried all of the above and could not find coverage for your scheduled shift.
    3. If you agree to fill someone else's shift, you are responsible for covering that shift. 
  • Illness:
    • Please do not come into work if you are not feeling well. Send a shift release request through Humanity portal.
    • Please send an email to as soon as you know you are too ill to make your shift.  This should happen BEFORE the beginning of your shift.
    • Please contact the production team if you become ill during your shift and cannot complete your assigned hours. 
  • Emergencies:
    • if you have a family or medical emergency and are unable to work.
    • ASAP Please contact production team via email and TEXT Susanne 512-517-1387 


Timesheets are created/submitted in Workday.

Timesheets should be submitted by noon every Monday.  Timesheets are due bi-weekly every month (mid and end of month). It is your responsibility to fill out your timesheet accurately and submit it on time.

Late timesheets are not acceptable unless there are issues beyond your control. More than one reminder to submit your timesheet on time can result in warnings and possible dismissal.

Adobe - Creative Cloud is Installed but No APPS in the labs.  - Apps can be installed when needed via Creative Cloud by Students, Proctors and Staff no PW needed

Login is required however it is using the UT account not your personal Adobe Account - Note that when students and faculty ask

Note that on the teaching stations all Adobe apps are installed but login is still required to launch.

AppSpace Reservation Software

  • Reservations - You will be making all reservations for students in the classrooms and studios for >Casting >Rehearsals and >Productions

Please create a Microsoft email address to access AppSpace (either an or a email)

Visit the Office 365 Management Tool at

Enter the Display Name you'd like your mailbox to have when you send messages Type the email address you'd like to use Click Submit

You will get an activation email so activate your account and learn about how to make reservations on AppSpace

See these wikis on how to use the application


Checkout Items and Workflow:

  • Checkout headphones, keyboards, wacom pens, pocket wizzard, cable adapters USBC etc
  • Get their UTID not a TDL - no cellphone no keys - ONLY there UTID
  • Put their ID in the binder and label with a sticky note what they took
  • Return their ID only when they return the item - if there is an issue that someone wants their ID and doesn't have the item to return call tech staff

Understanding the "Computer Servers"

Down time

  • Organize the desk drawers - locker - Check headphones wipe them down
  • Keep the facilities clean!!! We want everyone to enjoy a nice clean working environment.  Wipe down the monitors, desks and toss out trash.
  • Organize the chairs between classes 
  • Turn off projectors if no class is in classroom or studio
  • UTLEARN Modules you are required to complete these.
  • See this website 

Linkedin Learnning

– It’s free for students

Shift Responsibilities - What to do when you are working

  • 1st Thing CHECK IN ON THE RADIO so tech staff and other proctor knows you are here "Comm-Production - this is YOUR NAME - checking in"
  • Learn how to use the TWO WAY RADIO and use it to check in with COMM-PRODUCTION and when leaving check out with COMM-PRODUCTION and have the next proctor check in.
  • Always have your ID and Checked out KEY with you while you are on duty
  • Reservations - You will be making all reservations for students in the classrooms and studios for >Casting >Rehearsals and >Productions
  • YOUR EID is now ADMIN - YOU can install stuff on the computers - BE CAREFUL and ask Tech Staff before installing anything 
  • Everyone is expected to keep their work areas tidy and free of clutter.  If you eat at the desk clean up after.  Don't need messy food leftovers.
  • Restroom breaks / breaks can be taken as needed leave a note with the time you will be back.
  • Email "" with a summary of your shift. This can be a simple report that you had no issues. 
  • You can also include problems the tech staff should be aware of, checked out items that never got returned, student requests, etc…
  • Opening/closing duty checklists are to be maintained daily.   CMA - DML - Digital Media Labs PROCTORS Checklists - CMB - Proctor Open and Closing Checklist
  • Everyone is expected to keep their work areas tidy and free of clutter. 

CMB Studio Guidelines

  • Schedule is on the touchscreens on the doors 
  • Classes are booked in the studios Monday - Thursday 9AM till 10PM (Friday only RTF318 in a couple of studios)
  • All other times are open for Student and Faculty reservations that are approved by staff and proctors
  • Weekends the studios will be mostly accessed by proctors letting students with reservations into the studios
  • BACS (card swipe) access is used for students that have been approved to use the studios for larger shoots and projects that occur out of proctored hours
  • If a student has BACS access ask them to please confirm they indeed can open and lock the studio with their ID
  • All studios must be vacated and locked at 10PM Monday - Thursday and Sunday 5PM on Friday and Saturday (unless the user has BACS access that has been confirmed)
  • Checkout Equipment may be left in Studios after RTF labs Monday - Thursday nights but lock the studio with the equipment in there.  
  • Checkout staff will pick it up by 8AM the next morning